Proud Follower of Christ.Happy Wife to Edward.Cheerful Discipler.
Career and Business Achiever.Passionate Music Minister.
Official Marathoner.Occasional Blogger.Woman Redeemed
Hello! I’m Mina Edralin. Mina is a Filipino word means "Treasure." I'm the youngest in the family and so my parents consider me as their most precious treasure. I believe that, of course! :) And the Bible tells me so. I am God's treasured possession.
And so because He owns me, I want to follow Him. Yes, I am a proud follower of Christ. I am not saying I'm perfect; I was a sinner, as a matter of fact, but I am redeemed by what Jesus did on the cross and now I am a work in progress to honor God in every area of my life. My passion is to share the love and grace I am experiencing from my Father. The life and compassion that Jesus showed me through His sacrifice, death and resurrection are my inspirations.

I am also happily married to my godly husband, Edward. We met in 2011 over an inspiring Singles' Retreat hosted by the Church we both belong to. For a year and a half, we devoted ourselves to ministry, discipleship, own careers and personal endeavors until Edward got on his knees to propose to the woman God gave him to marry -- ehem. :) We got married in 2014 and now together, we continue to honor God in our work, in our marriage and in our own personal life.
I am a graduate of BS Psychology and also took up MA Degree in Industrial-Psychology. I was an HR Practitioner for 7 years in one of the local banks in the Philippines but now I’m a Projects Consultant in one of the country's BPO company.

So in short, I am not a writer by educational course nor by professional experience. So this is sort of a disclaimer. Hehe. Please don’t expect a perfect, grammatical sentence construction here. I just love to watch movies, read novels and inspirational books; try out different restaurants and spend leisure time with picturesque views which lead me to occasional writing. But one thing I want to assure you, in every article, my desire is to give you inspiration and encouragement. Hence, I will be writing to you with love.

What To Expect From This Page!

Heart & Soul is a compilation of my reflections coming from my own and/or other women experiences, emotions and thoughts that may speak to every woman's heart and soul. This will be in a devotional format which you can use to mediate on God's Word while looking at real people's experiences.

Passion is a diary of the things I enjoy most and I am most interested about. Ranging from love and relationships and how I learn from ministering to other women; to restaurants, places, travels and adventures, books, movies that captured my attention.

Ministry is my way of sharing to the world the joy of serving others for the glory of God. It also includes articles that desire to honor those people I met in the ministry.

Overall, this blog site entitled, What To Do With Daylight hopes to encourage its readers and bring joy and inspiration to them. Ultimately, my desire is to minister to all beautiful women who may come across this page who may be going through challenges in life or simply searching for a feel good read during her spare time. So, I hope you'll maximize this page and enjoy reading! :)