Summer 2015 | Pico de Loro

Tuesday, July 19, 2016
Last March 20-21, 2015, my husband and I had a quick weekend getaway and decided to spend our time at Pico de Loro, Nasugbu Batangas.

At first, I thought only members of the community are allowed to visit the place or at least you are a guest of one. Good thing, I found Pico Sands Hotel at Trip Advisor which I usually use when booking hotels and browsing for great destinations. So, it goes without saying that I booked our hotel accommodation in Pico Sands via one of Trip Advisor's accredited travel sites.

We took the Tagaytay route going to Nasugbu, Batangas and did some side trips to kick off the weekend experience. We used Google Maps to make sure we won't get lost. If I remember it correctly, it's a long straight drive from Robinsons Tagaytay Summit Ridge onto Tagaytay-Nasugbu Highway then to Ternate Highway. | View from the gate of Hamilo Coast. Pico Sands Hotel is still way farther.
We took some photos at the top of the road before finally reaching the Hotel. | View from the top.
We were able to get this room at PhP6,500. But actually, before we checked in, we were asked to deposit PhP2,500 at the reception area which can be used for all your possible expenses during your stay -- food at the restaurants, activity fees, stuff at Grab and Go convenience store, etc. and is refundable if you weren't able to consume upon check out. (For us, it's more convenient as we didn't need to bring money with us when we were going to swim or going out for a walk to explore the place.)

Upon checking in, we rested for a while, took our lunch before we actually hit the beach. Succeeding pictures will tell you some of the activities we did during our overnight stay.

1. We had our lunch at Pico Restaurant.
2. I (we) got to experience Trampoline for the first time.

3. We definitely enjoyed the beach life.
4. Tried out the pool.
5. Explored the whole place while enjoying the view.
6. Maximized their ride service.
7. Had our dinner by the beach.
8. Relished the morning sun while devouring their sumptuous free breakfast by the veranda.

We checked out at 9am. We took the Cavitex route back to our home to get to the wedding of our friend by 3pm, of which I'm part of the entourage. :)

Note: We passed by this tunnel around Maragondon.

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