Running is one of my 2016 Breakthroughs

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Every start of the year, our Church community is taking time to reflect on God’s goodness and faithfulness for the year that passed, while seeking Him to re-align our focus onto His Word without any destruction. We believe that fasting is an act of humility and consecration which helps us become more sensitive to the Holy Spirit. We also believe that fasting brings revival. Also, it is the time when we boldly surrender to God our faith goals and believe God for greater things, even the things that seem impossible to happen.

One of my faith goals for the past years was to add physical activities in my lifestyle. This is not to become more slender and slimmer but really to take care of this body which is the temple of God. I know that as I grow older, I need to be more careful with what I eat and what I do. The problem is, I got used to my old lifestyle which being healthy is not as a priority as it should be. So this 2016, I audaciously dared to believe God that His grace is sufficient for me to actually step out of my comfort zone, wear those running shoes and actually go out for a run. It finally happened and became a reality in mid-January after that week of prayer and fasting. It is truly a breakthrough.

I started running for 5 Kilometers within our subdivision, then increased to 7Km during weekends. Until one day within the same month [I think], a friend tagged me in facebook inviting me to join a marathon. I told myself, "why not?!" So I began training myself to run for 10Km marathon and registered to 10Km Sub 1 Race organized by #pinoyfitness. This is my first official marathon. It happened on March 20, 2016.
I may not be the fastest but I'm thankful to be a finisher. I thank the Lord for the strength and for this breakthrough. After this race, my sports life has never been the same again. I continued joining races every month. Below are the races I have joined so far after this.

  • On Your Mark (OYM) Leg 1 by Mizuno, 5Km Race at BGC [May 22, 2016]
  • Colors of Freedom, 5Km Race at BGC [June 12, 2016]
    • This time, I was able to set a new PR for 5Km and I was joined by 2 of my friends. More than the race, it's more about wearing afros, taking selfies and sharing to the world our love for Philippine Independence Day, plus we got to play with colors, hehehe!!!
  • Run GNC, 21Km at SM MOA Grounds [July 3, 2016]
    • This is my first 21Km marathon. Yey! And I'm happy to finish it within my target of 3 hours. I was joined by my husband and 2 closest friends from the Church.
As I write this, I am set to run my next 21Km marathons -- OYM Leg 2 on Aug 7, UNICEF Heroes for Children Run on Sep 4 and Run United 3 on Oct 23. So far I don't know yet where I will be joining for the months of Nov 2016 to January 2017. But by God's grace [as it's always been by His grace], I will be joining the TBR Dream Marathon on Feb 19, 2017. It will be my first 42Km if ever. Please pray for me. :)

Note: I truly thank the Lord for His grace and I praise Him for this breakthrough. All glory belongs to God!

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